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Flower care

Some useful tips for a longer life of flowers in bouquets and arrangements.

On receipt of the bouquet

Before placing the bouquet in the vase, cut with a sharped scissors (without crushing) about 1 cm from each stem. Remove all the leaves that may reach the water, they can develop bacteria that negatively affect the flowers.

Keeping the bouquet

The bouquet should be placed in a vase of clean water, in the light, but not in the direct beating of the sun. Every two days change the water and cut 1 cm of the flower stems.

Arrangements in the basket

Arrangements made in baskets and some of those in glass containers have a sponge dipped in a special solution. It is recommended to pour a bit of water between the flowers every two days to keep the sponge wet. The arrangements in the basket generally last longer than the bouquets in the vase.


Plants in pots are delivered with short care instructions, which vary from plant to plant.